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This is a site by the service industry for more information on coronavirus relief programs.  We're all currently in panic mode and there seems to be no centralized place to help find out more info on resources available to us.  This site has been set up to localize all the available information and to also provide an outlet for us to speak about our experience through this unexpected time in our lives.

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This page cannot exist without input from the service industry directly.  We will continue to post links and information on resources available for all of us, but we urge each of you to send us an email to local grants, funds, resources that are available to apply for.

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national Resources

USBG National Charity Foundation

The coronavirus resource for bartenders that most of us know about.  We have been told this site is experiencing heavy traffic, but the application process is still open.  Our understanding is no payments have been received, but we will update this section with more information when it becomes available to us.

Apply here for the Bartender Emergency Assistant Grant.  

Coronavirus Unemployment Information

Find out more about Coronavirus relief programs for bartenders and the service industry in your area.  Some of these details change state by state, but information regarding your eligibility can be found at the website below.

The One Fair Wage Program

They are actively raising money for this emergency fund and will be making temporary cash gifts to workers as funding becomes available. 

Another Round Another Rally

This initiative was created two years ago for exactly this type of circumstance.  It is a donation-based organization that awards $500 grants via Venmo, Paypal, CashApp to those in the service industry affected by layoffs.  


More information on their website below.

Restaurant Opportunities Centers United

To apply for financial help, fill out the form below and a staffer will follow up with you. Due to the large need for disaster relief among restaurant workers, we will disburse funds as they become available.

Rent Assistance

Enter your Zip code on the site link below for information in your area.

Local Resources

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This site cannot exist without your input.

Let's stick together through this difficult time.  Knowledge is power, let's help share it.

Manage your mental health

Monitoring your mental health is extremely important during this time, these resources are available to you 24 hours a day.


We're all stuck inside, probably drinking more than we'd like to and perhaps a bit lonely.  We'd like to begin to feature local bartenders/dj's/artists in this section with links to Live Happy Hours, demonstrations and showcase talent.  In addition, it's a really cool way to throw up your venmo and allow people to send a tip and be part of a community.  Please submit any info you have on any digital event you're hosting.


No upcoming events.


For Daily Updates on new resources available for relief benefits.